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We are a young family providing quality violins to youth orchestras and schools that are teaching music to young players. We want to share the story of our journey with you. I am a musician by trade, and love performing for enthusiastic audiences throughout North America and the world. That being stated, being a husband and a father I am now drawn towards a more grounded way of existence.

We are filling a gap in the market. WholesaleViolins.com is providing violins and other instruments in the violin family to those who are in need of them.

We would like WholesaleViolins.com to be and mean something great through the years and decades ahead. We pride ourselves in providing a valued product and outstanding service to those who need large quantities of quality violins.

Please feel free to contact us today for a quote and more info:

Email: info@wholesaleviolins.com
Phone: (902)623-1082

More info on Doug & Listen to Music @ www.douglamey.com
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